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Erlebnistherme Zillertal

World of saunas

A total of eight saunas and steam rooms are available at Erlebnistherme Zillertal. One of these is located in the adventure pool area, the others in the sauna area. Their common property is the positive effect of sweating in hot cabins. The switch between cold and hot stimulates the circulation, flushes the veins and improves the blood supply for strained muscles. This releases tensions, boosts the immune system and the sudden cooling-off outdoors or the plunge pool releases hormones. Some slumber in a euphoric stupor in one of the three resting rooms between visits to the sauna. Total relaxation!

World of saunas in 360 degree

Everything at a glance

So far and yet so near! This is exactly what describe the 3D tour through the sauna landscape in the Erlebnistherme best. The 360-degree panorama guides you through the wide range of offers: from the different saunas to the relaxation facilities and the outdoor area.

That certain something

Your sauna bonus

Your sauna visit only truly turns into a proper spa experience when combined with a plunge pool, special infusions and a laid-back drink at the bar! 

plunge pool

One, two or three?  When it comes to plunge   pools,  you are  spoilt for choice at the Erlebnistherme  in Fügen! There are three pools to choose from.


They are the undisputed high point of every  sauna session: the infusions at the Erlebnistherme Zillertal! Clear water evaporates, hissing on the hot sauna stones. The humidity in the air temporarily increases by 50 per cent and  the body receives  an additional heat stimulus - a true feel-good moment for all sauna fans.

Panorama Bar

Daylight floods through the huge glass dome, or the stars twinkle across the night sky. The  Panorama Bar  at Erlebnistherme Zillertal has so much to offer. Come by between your sauna sessions to enjoy small snacks and beverages here.

Even more Erlebnistherme

Before or after your sauna session, check out the adventure pool of Erlebnistherme Zillertal for sure. Go for a swim,enjoy a massage, or seek some fun & action with the numerous water attractions such as the slides or the wave pool!