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Spa experiences in Zillertal


Regeneration for body and mind  at Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Besides relaxing in the water and soothing sessions in the sauna, a complete spa package must include a massage. You are in good, expert hands with Mario Hausharter. He has been loosening tense muscles since 2006, finding every hidden point of pain and thereby relieving back, neck and shouldercomplaints. Or it provides an extra bit of luxury and relaxation with a hot stone, aromatic oil or foot reflexology massage. To this end, he completed training as a curative, commercial and medical massage therapist.

A consultation and arrangement of an appointment with Mario Hausharter can be arranged by calling 0650/4544565 or emailing or by calling Erlebnistherme Zillertal in Fügen directly at 05288/63240.

NOTE: A  €2.50 surcharge is charged when visiting the thermal baths for massages only.

Classical massages

Spa treatments in  Zillertal - from head to toe

€ 36,-
Partial massage
25 min Relaxation for your back, neck and shoulder
€ 64,-
Full massage
50 min full relaxation for body and mind
€ 56,-
Shoulder & back special
40 min Loosening of the shoulder and back musculature
€ 36,-
Foot reflexology massage
25 min pure relaxation through a soothing massage of the feet

Special offers

Massages & spa treatments in Therme Fügen

Hot Stone Massage in der Erlebnsitherme
Warm basalt stones intensify the massage

Hot stone massage

80 min. full relaxation | € 99

Warm basalt stones are placed across the back. The therapist used further stones to actively work on tense and hardened muscles. The warmth helps to loosen tissue and also has an effect on the autonomic nervous system - i.e. the system that regulates body functions without conscious influence. Afterwards you will feel completely renewed and painful tensions will be gone.

Erlebnistherme Zillertal Massage Gesichtsbereich
All techniques of classical massages

From head to toe

75 min. full relaxation | € 90

The massage for those who always want more from their massage. For 75  minutes the whole body is kneaded using combined massage techniques from all classic massages. Hardened muscles don’t stand a chance.

Entspannung Erlebnistherme Massageutensilien
Back & foot reflexology massage

‘Duo combo’

50 min. full relaxation | € 64

Every second person suffers from back pain, but that pain may not necessarily originate in the back. That is why a back massage combined with a foot reflexology massage can be especially soothing. Our feet are connected to the nerve paths of the organs of the entire body. Stimulating the feet can therefore increase the well-being of the whole body.

Massage Füße Erlebnistherme
Back massage and extensive leg massage

Après-Ski & Hiker’s special

45 min full relaxation | € 64

You are proud to have reached the mountain summit or have been on your skis all day long. The very next day you notice: your legs are tired and heavy. The Après-ski & Hiker’s special offer is here for you. In addition to a back massage, the focus here is mainly on your legs. After 45 minutes your legs will no longer feel quite as heavy. They’ll be fit once more for your next big challenge! 

Massageöl Erlebnistherme Zillertal
Lavender, vanilla or ylang ylang

Massages with aromatic oils

50 min full relaxation | € 68

The spa area smells so good! Coconut oil forms the basis in this full-body massage. In addition, you can select from 18 different quality, essential oils. They are each ascribed a particular beneficial effect. While some strengthen the immune system and increase your vitality, others help against depressions, anxieties and insecurities. Your concentration, ability to think and strong nerves can be supported. The collection of high-quality oils includes the right oil for every mood, for every need and for every emotional state. Never before has it been so easy to relax and unwind!

Rückenmassage in der Erlebnistherme Zillertal
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Pure relaxation is guaranteed

Is the selection to large? Are  you having a hard time choosing the right massage? Not a problem. Mario Hausharter will gladly assist you with his expert knowledge. After all, he not only knows the techniques that are good for the  body, but will also find the perfect massage for every situation and mood. You can reach him by phone at 0650/4544565 or by email at Appointments can also be booked directly via  Erlebnistherme Zillertal in Fügen at 05288/63240 .

Price list

Massage & spa treatments in Zillertal

Classical massages

Classical massages price
partial massage 25 min € 36.00
full massage 50 min € 64.00
foot reflexology massage 25 min € 36.00
shoulder & back special 40 min € 56.00

Special offers

Special offers Price
Hot Stone Massage approx 80 min € 99.00
From head to toe approx 75 min € 90.00
Duo-combo approx 50 min € 64.00
Après-Ski Hiker’s special approx 45 min € 64.00
Aroma oil massage approx 50 min € 68.00
Kerzen Orchydee Entspannung Erlebnistherme
Further experiences await you here.

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