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Family fun and action at Erlebnistherme Zillertal

1,000 m² of water area promise plenty of space at Erlebnistherme Zillertal to romp about! Adventure pool, wave pool, a brine pools and two giant slide are available in Fügen all year round. In summer further 1,700 m² of water area are added with the outdoor pool. But even in winter, you and your family will be outdoors in a certain way even when you are inside, no matter the weather. This is thanks to the large, panoramic windows. They offer a clear view of the Zillertal mountains.

A water world for families in Fügen 
Brine bath, massage beds, panoramic windows and relaxation - who cares? Perhaps mum and dad are into that, but kids less so. You’ll have a hard time holding them back once they catch sight of the huge water slides from outside Erlebnistherme Zillertal. Spanning 133 meters in length, Black Hole is the longest water slide in Tyrol and western Austria. The tyre slide of the same name is even a meter longer. Adults, too, have a lot of fun on these slides equipped with lots of effect in Fügen. And who knows: perhaps the kids will even beat the grown-ups’ fastest time on the slide. Because in addition to the running light, light rolls and cinema screen there is also a timekeeper!  

Adventure in the swimming pool for young & old

Stream channel, climbing net and water bowls 
Families are also huge fans of the large stream channel. Big and small swimmers circulate as if pushed by an invisible hand. And a few strong swimmers may even try to swim against the current. That is usually futile, however. If the kids still haven’t had their fill, they may climb up and down the climbing net in the water. It’s perfectly safe should a kid fall off and splash into the water. The worst thing that could happen is that their parents might get soaked - so basically twice the fun! Then the kids love hiding under the waterfall. that splashes down from a large water dish. Parents will have to be fast to keep up.  

Wave pool and splashing fun in Fügen 
All the above is dropped at a moments notice every hour, however, when the families hurry over to the wave pool. Once the lifeguard has taken his position, it all begins. Starting off slow, the waves quickly rise to reach up to a meter. What fun! And for kids who are too small for this, there is a kid’s pool, that also has a small slide, bubbles on the ground and splash poles. And should you wish to stay dry for a while, there is plenty of entertainment in the kid’s game room.  

1,700m² water area full of action at the outdoor pool

The outdoor pool: even more action  
From early May to September, nothing will keep families indoors on their holiday in Fügen - as long as the weather is kind to them. The outdoor pool spans 1,700 m² of water area and is not only heated but also packed with entertainment for kids. Two large water slides, 60 and 74 meter long, water cannon, a stream channel and an inflated starfish draw families into the water. There’s a trampoline on land, a giant bouncy castle and the Air-Bubble . There is also a slackline, a beach volleyball court and game machines. 

Bonus for families at Erlebnistherme Zillertal: kids may join you in any pool - there is not age restriction.  

Swiss stone pine sauna (not nude) for parents & kids

Visit the sauna despite kids? It’s all possible at Erlebnistherme Zillertal! 
Did you know! Within the adventure pool areas, there is also an organic stone pine sauna, that you may visit wearing (dry) swimming costumes. It is located right behind the wave pool . From there, parents can watch their children in the wave pool without problem and can reach them immediately if needed. This way mum and dad have a chance to enjoy a visit to the sauna. In addition, the scent of Swiss stone pine, due to the ingredients of the wood, improves your sleep, harmonises and stabilises the circulation and has an antibacterial effect. Perhaps your kids would like to join you in the sauna? Such a visit is harmless for kids from a medical perspective. 

Swimming will make you hungry

Hungry? There’s more than just chips! 
All that action will make you hungry! So you can’t do without the obligatory chips - these are available in the restaurant. Perhaps you may even be able to convince your kids of a more healthy alternative. Aside from that, mum and dad or the grandparents are usually happy with the goulash soup, salad with shrimps or the fried chicken salad. The yeast dumplings, on the other hand, are very popular among our a sweet-toothed guests.

And so a day will fly by like a breeze. With a positive side effect! For the entire family will be happy in the evening: parents relaxed and the kids tired from all the activities. It could well be that many an ankle biter will want to visit the Erlebnistherme Zillertal again the next day!  

Note: The safety of our young guests is the top-most concern of the Erlebnistherme Zillertal. Parents may never leave their children unsupervised and should always fit their kids with floaties (inflatable armbands). Should you have forgotten the swimming due to all the other things you are lugging with you: Not a problem! The shop offers plenty to rent or purchase - just like swim trunks and accessories such as a diving mask of water toys.  

Experiences for you and your family

Even more Erlebnistherme

In addition to the outdoor pool Erlebnistherme Zillertal offers many further attractions. Whether you prefer splashing around the adventure pool, relaxing in the sauna or with a massage or prefer fun & action in our Sliding paradise - there is something for everyone here!