brine pool | massage beds | bubbling grotto

The Erlebnistherme for anyone seeking relaxation in Fügen

Fill up on energy at Erlebnistherme Zillertal  
Any seeking relaxation will find what they are looking for in Fügen! A relaxing experience full of bubbling energy awaits you here. It all begins with diving into the pleasantly warm water of the Erlebnistherme. At 32-34°C even the frostiest swimmers won’t shy away. That alone will loosen your muscles. Then you need to decide - because something is always bubbling here. Most people are drawn to the bubbling massage beds. Lie in the water and be gently massaged by the bubbling water - with the special cheery on top. All water massage beds have a head and neck support. Anyone already contending with neck pain, simply slips under the neck or splash shower. The water will drum down upon the muscles and loosen it all up. Or choose a softer treatment with the floor bubbles, foot massage jets and massage benches. The bubbling grotto isn’t far from the massage beds, by the way. Indirect lighting and the rocky design make this place especially cosy. A snug place for people in love.

If you think that’s it, you're wrong. That’s just the indoor pool. There’s more outside!


Pärchen im Außenbecken der Erlebnistherme Zillertal Schönwetter
Massageliegen im Außenbecken der Erlebnistherme
Seamlessly transition to the heated outdoor area of Erlebnistherme in Fügen

Don’t worry, things won’t cool off. The average 33.5°C is also the temperature of the water outside. Without ever having to leave the warming water, you can simply float to the outdoor area of the adventure pool. And this place is really bubbling and splashing all around. The massage beds facing east mean the sun will shine on your face - close your eyes, turn on the bubbles! Massage jets at all heights loosen stubborn tensions in the legs, back or along your shoulder blades. The bubbling benches around the outdoor pool’s small island are a lot more comfortable.  

The salt in your soup - or in the Erlebnistherme Zillertal 
Once you have jumped under the shower, you can go on to the next thing. The brine pool still awaits your visit in the outdoor area with a brine content level of 2%, so just like sea water. Even Hippocrates recognised the beneficial effect of brine baths on the body in ancient times. A bath has a vasodilatory effect, joints and muscles are better supplied with blood, it reduces itching and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Besides, a brine bath is simply incredibly relaxing - the massage beds and fizzing jets increase the effect even further. Add the fresh Zillertal mountain air and few pleasant sunrays. A perfect time out. But remember - don’t forget to shower after a brine bath! 

Organic stone pine sauna, non-nude area

Did you know! In the area around the adventure pool there is also an organic Swiss stone pine sauna - used while wearing (dry) swimwear. It is located right behind the wave pool . From there, parents can watch their children in the wave pool without problem and can reach them immediately if needed. This way mum and dad have a chance to enjoy a visit to the sauna. In addition, the scent of Swiss stone pine - more precisely the ingredients Limoson, various Favonides and essential oils - improve your sleep, harmonises the circulation and has an antibacterial effect.  

And should you desire some action after all that relaxing: simply dip into wave pool or climb up the 14-meter slide tower. Atop the tower you’ll find the Black Hole water slide and the tyre slide. If, however, you prefer a visit to the sauna, the sauna area offers eight different cabins and lots of extras for a perfect spa day. 

Panorama Sauna bei Nacht
Ruhebereich mit Entspannungsliegen
Tauchbecken außen bei Nacht
Simply unwind!

Even more spa options

Relax on the bubble beds in the adventure pool, relax with an infusion in the sauna or loosen tensions during a massage! The spa oasis in Erlebnistherme Zillertal provides an extra helping of luxury.

Adventure pool

Indoorand outdoor pool equipped with bubble loungers, massage jets, water jets and lots of relaxation options to relax your body and mind.

World of saunas

The eight saunas and steam room offer a chance to completely relax at Erlebnistherme Zillertal. Regular visits  strengthen the immune system, have a positive effect on skin, hair and your lungs and contribute to a better sense well-being.


A spa day at Erlebnistherme Zillertal must include a massage. Besides the classics, there are also hot stone massages or massages with special oils to relieve muscle tension or pain.