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Baby swimming | swimming courses for children & adults | water games

Swimming courses

Swimming courses for the smallest ones

Baby swimming

Supported by their parents, babies aged 3-12 months visit 45-minute classes to experience the joy of moving in water in a playful way - with Sandra Wegscheider, Michaela Lechner & Michi Orendi from the Eltern-Kind-Zentrum Schwaz (EKIZ).

For children between 1 and 2.5 years of age

Water games

Fun and games in the refreshing water for children aged between 1 and 2.5 years. Jumping, diving, floating - is the name of the game with Sandra Wegscheider, Michaela Lechner & Michi Orendi from the Eltern-Kind-Zentrum Schwaz (EKIZ).

Beginner swimming course, 4 years and up

Kids’ swimming course

In this course, kids are introduced to the water without their parents. All swimming exercises are taught to the children in a playful manner. The children learn to keep their heads above water (self-rescue). A short-term separation from their parents should be possible without problems.

The group meets 10 minutes before the start of each course at the ticket counter of the Erlebnistherme Zillertal. We pick the young participants up there and return them about 75-90 min later. Of course you can also use the time to go for a swim yourself. However, we would like to ask you to please stay out of sight of the children to ensure the class can proceed smoothly. This way the kids won’t be distracted and can focus on the course. 

Further information,course dates and available spots can be provided by Chris Budeck from the Aqua-Fan swimming school or at 0664/1205310.

Beginners & advanced swimmers

Swim courses for adults

Advanced swimming courses

You already know how to swim, but are not a confident swimmer yet  or want  to learn new techniques? The shortest path to a healthy hobby.

Course content and goals: Improve the breast stroke technique, correct forward crawl and back stroke

Participants: max. 5
duration: 6 units, 75 minutes each
time: as agreed
Next course start: continuously
Age restriction: none
director: Chris (Aqua-Fan swimming school)
price: € 79 plus admission

Swimming course for beginners

Your kids, grandchildren have showed you how! But you still linger outside the pool? Not for long: we welcome anyone who cannot swim yet  or wants to refresh their knowledge from primary school. We will rid you of your fear of the water and gradually introduce you to swimming techniques.

Course content and goals: Overcoming fear, learning a healthy and back-friendly breast stroke technique. Also suited for insecure swimmers.

Participants: max. 5
duration: 5 units of  90 min each
time: as agreed
Next course start: continuously
Age: no restriction
director: Chris (Aqua-Fan swimming school)
price: € 79 plus admission

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