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Erlebnistherme Zillertal

The adventure pool in Zillertal

600 m² - that is bigger than the wing span of a jumbo jet! That is the size of the indoor adventure pool alone at Erlebnistherme Zillertal. And it is packed with water games, massage jets and cosy quiet areas. On top of that, there is a wave pool, with 1-meter waves and the heated outdoor brine pools with the brine content of seawater. In total, this amounts to 1,000 m² of Erlebnistherme - without the outdoor pool area. Constant companion throughout the entire thermal baths: huge, surrounding panoramic window panes with an undisturbed view of the Zillertal mountains across the way: To the east you can see the Kitzbühel Alps with Mount Hamberg  at 2,095 metres, to the west the Tuxer Voralpen and south of the thermal baths the Zillertaler Alps.

The water & the pools

Source of life

Fresh spring water gushes down from the Zillertal mountains every day and makes its way into the Erlebnistherme thermal baths in Fügen. It is heated with sustainable district heating and solar power. The water is distributed across an area of 1,700 m² outside and 1,000 m² inside. It is cleaned with a multi-layer sand filter system and activated carbon.

Swim, relax, experience

There are a total of three large pools in the swimming area: The adventure pool with an indoor and outdoor area, the wave pool and the brine pool. There is also a kid’s pool and a separate outdoor pool. On top of that, there is a pool in the sauna area.

Pure water enjoyment for everyone

The adventure pool

The adventure pool comprises indoor and outdoor areas that seamlessly connect. Thanks to the large panoramic windows you can enjoy the Zillertal mountains inside, too. Outside, the sun shines onto your face thanks to the eastern orientation.

Kinder auf Kletternetz im Erlebnisbecken

Water surface area: 600 m² Temperature: 32-34°C Water depth: 130 cm No age limit Disability-friendly access: available

Highlights in the adventure pool

Massagebänke im Becken Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Water massages

Foot massage jets

Pipe bubble lounger

Ground bubbles

Massage benches

Massage jets

Familie beim Kletternetz Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Playing & water paradise

Climbing net

Rock grotto with subtle lighting

large stream channel

Wasserpilz Erlebnistherme Innenbecken

water showers

splash shower

neck shower

water dish

Are you ready for the Black Hole Slide Tower?

Sliding paradise

Black Hole water slide

The longest water slide in western Austria can be spotted from far away and is certainly the main highlight for all teens. But there are a few adults who also head straight to the 14-metre-high slide tower. The area at the top begins quite calmly. Then a brief, transparent section takes you outside for a moment, before things go dark. Flashes of lightning are followed by playful colours and disco lights as well as transparent slide elements. Once you make it to the bottom, your eyes quickly flash to the time display! Who was the fastest in Fügen?

  • 10 years and older
  • Length: 133 metres

Black Hole Tyre Slide

Off you go into the red slide atop the 14-meter slide tower. The Black Hole Tyre Slide is mainly used by families, because it is easy to enjoy with two people. Mum or dad in the back with the kid in front and off you go. Along the way, streaks of light  accompany you on your way down. That makes you feel even faster. Quick tip: Don’t forget your tyre!

  • 8 years and older
  • Length: 134 metres
Water slide highlights

Water slide highlights

- Timekeeping displays the best time - video animations inside - running-light effect, Crazy Light, light roller & flashing lights
Tyre slide highlights

Tyre slide highlights

- Daylight spots and light strips - tyres for one or two people - ideal for families

Beach feeling in the middle of Zillertal

Wave pool

A feeling like at the beach - not only thanks to the waves, but also because of the shallow entrance, which gets deeper and deeper. So older swimmers can head out to the deeper parts while smaller swimmers can stay with their parents at the entry area. And by the way, the waves begin on the hour, every hour.

Familie im Wellenbecken der Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Water surface area: 172 m² Temperature: 32-34°C Water depth: 0-160 cm No age limit 1-meter waves every hour

Time for the little ones to feel great

Toddler area

Kids all share one thing in common: They are all drawn to the water - starting with the smallest. And there’s a place for them here at Erlebnistherme Zillertal’s kid’s pool.

While the parents dangle their feet from the edge in the pool’s warm water, the kids are busy with the slides and water games. The kid’s pool is fortunately separated slightly from the large adventure pool. That way, the little ones can get their fill in the water in Fügen, too.


  • slide
  • water stairs
  • spray poles & spray nozzles
  • ground spray & water spouts
Baby im Kleinkinderbereich Erlebnistherme

Water surface area: 65 m² Temperature: 32-34°C Water depth: 15-35 cm No age limit

Dive into Zillertal’s seawater

Brine pools

A Mediterranean feeling in the middle of Fügen in Zillertal!

With a brine content level of 2% the pool water is comparable to normal seawater. This pool is thus highly recommended for skin problems. The salt crystals have a peeling effect on the skin and make the skin feel soft. Salt also has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. This is why wounds burn in salt water. In addition, joints and muscles are better supplied with blood. A brine bath is just the right thing following a sporty and active day in Zillertal.


  • Brine concentration: 2 %, equivalent to Mediterranean seawater
  • In the outdoor area with sliding roof
  • southern side
  • bubble loungers
  • massage jets
  • air bubbles
Solebecken Erlebnistherme Außenansicht bei Nacht

Water surface area: 96 m² Temperature: 32-34°C Water depth: 130 cm No age limit

Spa & culinary delights

Had your fill of the pools? How about a pleasant visit to the sauna? Or is your stomach grumbling? Then off with you to the Erlebnistherme Zillertal restaurant!