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The union of body and mind.

Yoga at Erlebnistherme

Yoga is not only famous for bringing body, mind and soul into harmony - the name itself even has this meaning. And this is also exemplified during the yoga sessions at Erlebnistherme Zillertal.

Yoga comprises five elements. These include, apart from nutritional recommendations, famous Asanas, i.e. body exercises, breathing exercises called Pranayamas, mediation and relaxation. These elements all work towards one goal: Finding back to yourself, sensing your own strengths and hearing your body’s signals. That is why yogis are usually so relaxed and take great care of themselves and their needs.

A yoga session cannot only reduce stress, Asanas train virtual all muscle group. They can also regulate your hormone balance, strengthen your heart and circulation and even increase your ability to concentrate. By breathing consciously during the exercises, the body and the brain are supplied with more oxygen. That improves your physical and mental performance! In the process you learn to accept yourself as you are.

Courses for body & mind
Courses for body & mind

At Erlebnistherme, there are different courses with Gabriele Held from pure energy. Open block of 10, suitable for beginners & drop-ins possible.

Course times:
Monday: 9:00
Wednesday: 18:45
Thursday: 19:00

Yoga, massage, sauna and adventure pool

Perfect relaxation

Treat yourself to the complete relaxation package. Begin by rinsing off your daily worries in 32°C warm water on the bubbling loungers, then bring your body and soul into harmony with yoga. Invigorate your tired muscles in the sauna with playful lights and aromas and enjoy a soothing massage to top it all off.