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Sauna 101

A shower is mandatory prior to any sauna session.  Not only for hygienic reasons, but also  to dissolve the oil film on the skin and thus enable sweating. Then dry off thoroughly,otherwise your sweating will be delayed and the sauna benches will suffer from the humidity. So always take a second, dry towel with you into the sauna. Place this  wherever the skin touches the wood and where sweat could drip. So also under the feet.  Do not jump into the plunge pool immediately after the sauna! Some might think its fun, but it isn’t sensible. Moving about in the fresh air first is the right thing to do. Don’t stop moving,otherwise the blood could sink into your legs and the circulation could temporarily stop working. 

Before you start shivering, return to the warm and take a shower there! Only then can you dive into the pools to cool down completely. Don’t stay here for too long, but rather dip in briefly. Your skin will then continue to tingle for minutes after your sauna session while you rest on the resting lounger.  If you want, you can support your cooling off from within with a warm foot bath which stops the  body’s reaction to the cold sensation.  Don’t forget  to hydrate throughout, as you lose a lot of water by sweating. By the way: The rest room should remain a quiet, peaceful place to rest. The Panorama Bar is flooded in natural light and invites you to stay a while. It is the perfect place to have a nice chat while sipping on a cappuccino or a glass of sparkling wine.  Apples, tea and  pretzel sticks are also available there for free.  

This is how to do it: 

  • Take a cleansing  shower 
  • Dry off
  • Take a dry towel with you into the sauna
  • Lay your towel completely beneath you (also under your feet)
  • Cool down outside Take a cold shower: first the legs and arms, then slowly towards your heart
  • Optionally take a dip in the plunge pool
  • Optionally take a foot bath
  • Rest
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