Erlebnistherme Zillertal


They are the undisputed high point of every  sauna session: the infusions at the Erlebnistherme Zillertal! Clear water evaporates, hissing on the hot sauna stones, which increases the humidity in the sauna instantly. This is meant to induce even more sweating and have you fan the hot air towards you. The increased air humidity is deposited on the skin and thus reduces sweating: The  sensation of more heat on your skin is created.In theory.

In practice, with every slap of the sauna master’s towel, a hot shower trickles across your body, stimulating and tingling your skin. You then automatically breath a few times following this flush of heat, straighten your posture, and stretch throughout this sensation. You can almost hear your muscles loosening and eagerly await the next fanning of the sauna towel.

You can turn such an infusion into an entire science of its own. It starts with various, sometimes spectacular feather duster techniques, which require the sauna master’s full physical effort, continues with different infusion forms with several rounds and sometimes even ends with ice on the burner.

Infusion times
Infusion times

The infusions take place every hour!

Here is an overview of the different infusions:

Finnish infusion

The Finnish infusion is the classic one among the infusions. A bucket of cold, scented, water is poured over the stove in three cycles. After each round, the sauna master fans and beats the hot air with his towel towards everyone. Suddenly the air humidity increases and thus provides an additional warming stimulus to the skin.

  • 3 infusions with aromatic oil

Ice-cubes infusion

The melting ice cubes hiss loudly in the sauna in this method. Contrary to what one might think, however, such an ice cube infusion is gentler than a classic Finnish infusion. After all, the ice first needs to melt before it increases the humidity. So the heat only gradually increases inside the sauna. The cold-warm effect is intensified with the ice cubes. By the way, when working with three cycles, the ice cubes are only used between the second and third infusion. That way, essential oils can be added to the infusions as usual. Then the wonderful scent of the forest, lemons or sometimes even Christmas fills the room. Depending on what you feel like, are in the mood for, or even on the season!  

  • 3 infusions with aromatic oil 
  • Additional ice cubes 

Russian infusion

Russia is known for its tough locals. After all, some of her citizens withstand extremes such as the Siberian cold. That is why the Russian infusion is only something for experienced sauna goers! Here there are not only three, but four infusions. After the second infusion, everyone heads outside and takes a cold shower. The third infusion is still quite still relaxed before the fourth then really gets down to business. It really demands everything from you! The sauna is properly heated up again and scented water is poured over the oven. This will make even old hands at visiting the sauna sweat properly! 

  • 4 infusions 
  • Walk outside between cycles 
  • For advanced sauna goers 

Crash infusion

An infusion for the hardened. If a Russian infusion already makes you pant, you better think twice before joining a Crash infusion. Insiders call it the ‘XXXL infusion’. So this is nothing for the weak-hearted. A bucket of cold water and additionally a bucket with ice cubes are used here. You have to endure four entire cycles and without breaking for fresh air. The humidity rises very high for a sauna and the temperatures are perceived as extremely hot. No one can hold out on the third shelf and those who stay through the fourth infusion eventually leave the sweating box with fiery-red faces. A real highlight for sauna enthusiasts!

  • 4 infusions
  • Very hot
  • For advanced sauna goers

Relaxation infusion

Close your eyes, focus on your own breathing and take deep breaths - without stress, with absolute calm. If that is what you long for, then the Relaxation infusion is the one for you. Talking is taboo here. Two buckets of water with two different scents are poured onto the oven in three cycles. A gentle infusion where relaxation is in the foreground. This allows you to perceive the tingling of your skin more intensively and you have time to do some soul searching.

  • 3 infusions
  • 2 aromatic oils
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