Erlebnistherme Zillertal

Black and White Sauna

At the Erlebnistherme Zillertal, all your senses are stimulated, including your vision. The Black & White Sauna adds colour to your sweating - creating a special kick to your regeneration. For example, blue represents peace and deep silence, while green reflects nature and above all calms you. Red is used for more vitality, while yellow and orange let you feel more optimistic  or stimulate your creativity.  

The play of colours in the Black & White Sauna is well thought out and designed for you to absorb a bit of all the great qualities. A little bit of colour never hurt anybody. The sauna’s name is due to its white interior design which contrast to the black, starry sky. This allows the colours to have a proper effect. 

Black and White Sauna mit blauer Beleuchtung

Temperature: 80-100°C Humidity: 25 % Recommended session length: 15 minutes Available space: 35 persons

Black and White Sauna mit Mann und Frau
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